Dealing with cold hands and feet

Last updated on Tue, 16th Feb 2021

The temperature outside is hovering at just above zero, there’s a bitterly cold wind blowing through the trees, and a light dusting of snow on the ground.

Inside it’s actually fairly warm. It’s a respectable 21 degrees in my home office (i.e. the box room), which should feel quite comfortable – but I still feel freezing cold.

I’ve felt the cold a lot since surgery, especially when I’m sitting at the desk and not moving around very much. But I can’t have the central heating on all day, because that would cost a fortune.

It’s my extremities that seem to feel the cold the most – especially my hands and feet – so I’m trying a few different things to keep warm:

  • Wearing warmer clothes – I’ve always got a pair of thick socks on – even in bed at night. Also during the day I’m pretty much always wearing one of a selection of fleece-lined hoodies.
  • Warmer slippers – to help keep my feet warm in the house during the day.
  • Hot water bottle – that sits at the foot of the bed at night and keeps my feet warm, and sometimes sits on my lap during they day when I’m working.
  • Hand warmers – I have some single-use disposable hand warmers that stay hot for about 8 hours. They are great to slip into the hoodie or coat pockets.

I also try to get outside for a brisk walk every lunchtime, to get the blood flowing and warm me up. And that certainly works – at least for a short while – until I resume my sedentary posture in the home office again.

I did contemplate keeping my woolly hat on indoors to conserve heat, but I suspect colleagues might laugh at me during video-conferencing calls!

Do you feel the cold as well after you weight loss surgery? Do you have any good tips to share for keeping warm? I’d love to hear them!

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